You are invited to create something beautiful...a tea experience with friends that will literally change the world!
Our Albion Tea Company mission is to encourage community over excellent cuppas, impact youth around the globe and make the world a more beautiful place through our organic, fair trade commitment.  If that resonates with you, we would love to have you partner with us as a host!

Here are a few reasons our online tea experience is utterly unique!

Personal: maximum of 6 guests.  We recommend *not* using Facebook to reach out to them...make it personal by picking up the phone and texting or calling!  (Have more than 6 who love tea?  There is no limit to how many times you can host!)
Customizable: Want to feature coffee as well as tea? You got it!  Have a specific theme in mind?  Done!  We will create an event that is uniquely yours.

Free Tea: each guest has the opportunity to select a free sample which is sent to them before the event!

Host Perks: our hosts receive free product allowance based on event bookings...not sales!  We want guests to make a purchase only if they are in love with what we offer, not out of feeling pressured for any reason.

Savings: our guests receive a 10% discount on their purchase and our hosts receive a 20% discount!

So does this look like your cup of tea?  (sorry, couldn't resist.)  If not, no worries.  Let us know if we can serve you in another capacity.  If so, congratulations and welcome as our newest Albion Tea Company Host!  Please fill out the following in

What is your name?

What is your mailing address?

Your preferred phone number?

And your email address?

We host tea events on Thursdays and Fridays (morning, afternoon or evening).  We book at least 2 weeks out to ensure each guest receives their sample in time.  Please list 2-3 preferred dates/times:

Start thinking about up to 6 guests who would love to join you!  Reach out and let them know you would love to visit over an awesome cuppa.  Be authentic and make sure they know this is not a mass have 6 slots and you want THEM to be there!  Your event will include a creative series of posts and a live tea presentation via Zoom (a super easy video chat program that will bring us together across the miles!)  

If you have local friends to invite, a fun option is to host them at your home!  We will send all the samples to you, and you can enjoy your tea in person for the event and Zoom in with us live.

Note: if you would prefer to have an event completely OFF Facebook, let us know and we are happy to accommodate!

Please visit our website to select the tea you would like and enter your choice below:

Note: at this time due to the heavy nature of drinking chocolate, we are only able to offer free samples of tea.

If you have any questions for us, or thoughts you would like to send our way, please include them here:

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